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Keeping your marine fiberglass in top condition is critical to performance and overall ownership. At Lakeside Marine, we can repair any fiberglass issue you have so that you can be back out on the water as soon as possible. Our top service professionals can fix anything from a major fiberglass repair to a small touch up in the gel coat.

Customers tell their success stories

Customer Testimonial: Boat
Repairs After Accident.
Looks Like New!

“Our family owns several boats here on Lake Lanier, and all have been serviced by Lakeside Marine for many years. They are our trusted professional boat repair shop located just nearby. We have college aged sons and teenage daughters that use the boats everyday and have a great time during the summer. Well, and unfortunate “mishap” occurred between our ski boat and our tritoon boat. Thankfully it was at low speed, but both boats got damaged. Ugh! And our ski boat had a big ugly hole pierced through the bow. Luckily, our insurance covered the repairs. Lakeside Marine did an amazing job on our fiberglass repair and you absolutely cannot tell that there was severe damage. They were able to get our boat insurance repair job completed surprisingly fast. And our tritoon was back in the water and being used just a few days after the mishap. Our boats look and perform like new, and we are so pleased with the boat repair service that we get at Lakeside Marine, that I just wanted to share with others. If you have a boat repair from an insurance claim, Lakeside Marine is the best choice to repair your boat. They are actually your best choice for any boat repairs and maintenance. We are forever grateful, and everyone is relieved, especially those darn kids. Thank you Lakeside Marine for keeping our boats running smoothly.”

-Linda G.

Customer Testimonial: Insurance Claim for Fiberglass and Mechanical Repair With Perfect Results

“I had my truck and boat parked in a wide-open spot in the parking lot of a big box store. In a nightmarish scenario, some clown in a motorhome managed to back into the stern of my boat and totaled the outdrive, broke off the trim tab, and caved in the fiberglass on the rear corner of the stern. It was ugly, and I could have cried. Thank God for insurance! But with a boat insurance claim repair, I feared my boat would be out of commission for the season, especially with a multi-faceted job. I towed my boat straight to Lakeside Marine, because they’ve done all of my boat repairs and boat maintenance for many years. These guys are pros, and I had seen some of their boat fiberglass repair work in the past and it was excellent. The capable crew at Lakeside Marine tackled this complex repair job, and exactly 18 days later, I was out on the water and my boat looked beautiful and performed perfectly. Amazing work, and stupendous customer service by the team at Lakeside Marine. They made this boat insurance repair job seamless and easy. Thank you Lakeside Marine for being such a professional boat repair shop close to me. I live on Lake Lanier, just up the road, and we are blessed that our local repair shop is also the very best boat repair shop on all of Lake Lanier. Thank you team at Lakeside Marine. You’re the best!”

-Jack M.

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Customer Reviews

Our team is dedicated to bringing the customers the best service ever, and here are some thoughts they have shared.

Fantastic Staff

Customer Service is the best in the business! Great local company - Gary is super representative of the company - Call him!

Penny Moore

Great Service

Dane and his crew are one of the best in the business. Great service, fair pricing and get the job done on time or sooner. We also use their mobile boat repair service.

Kevin Reyes

Great Guys

I brought my jet ski in for a diagnosis and they ended up fixing it for the same price of the diagnosis. Great guys, even better services.

David E.

Customer Always

I wouldn’t take my boat anywhere else. Dane is knowledgeable, fair and always has the customer come first.

Rick McCarty