Unlock Your Full Power Potential With Our Expert Outboard Motor Repair Service

Your boat’s outboard motor is a technology-driven powerhouse. Our certified repair technicians perform repairs and maintenance to the highest standards in the marine industry.

Lakeside Marine is an expert repair center with a team of certified mechanics who know every aspect of Mercury, Yamaha, and Suzuki outboard motors.

It’s not just a motor on your boat, but rather it’s the heartbeat of your boating experience. You deserve easy starting, smooth powerful acceleration, top-performance cruising speeds, and rock-solid reliability.

We invite you to join our ever-expanding clientele that are serious about outboard repair and maintenance for their cherished vessel. Lakeside Marine has been voted Best Boat Repair Shop in the Lake Lanier region for three consecutive years.

You deserve the pinnacle of customer service, and top-tier maintenance for your valuable investment. Schedule your outboard service today with the boat repair shop that has a long-standing reputation for excellence.

Why Outboard Motor Repair and Maintenance is Essential

Outboard motors are constantly subjected to demanding, harsh marine conditions while running. The motor may then sit unused for a period, and when you turn the key, you want that same powerful performance experience. A regularly maintained outboard motor delivers the reliability that you desire.


  • Performance: Modern outboard motors are engineered with advanced technology that delivers unparalleled performance. Our certified technicians are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment that unlocks the full performance potential of your motor with cost-effective service decisions.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The fuel that your boat motor consumes is a major cost factor in operating your boat. Maximize efficiency with a perfectly tuned outboard motor. It’s good for your wallet, and healthy for the environment.
  • Safety and Reliability: A regularly serviced motor is inspected thoroughly by our certified techs to ensure full integrity of the fuel lines, electrical wiring, and cooling system. Avoid breakdowns that can spoil your boating adventure and cause damage to your precious asset.
  • Longevity: Perform recurring maintenance on time like an oil change every 100 hours of use. Change your fuel filter and water separator every Fall season. Install a new impeller in your cooling system every two years. And lastly, be sure to stabilize the entirety of your fuel delivery system prior to winter storage.
  • Maintain Value: A well-maintained motor not only adds to your overall boating enjoyment, but on-time scheduled maintenance will also enhance the resale value of your boat.
Outboard Service

Our Expert Services Outperform the Competition

Outboard Service
  • Diagnostic Services: Our state-of-the-art repair shop has the specialty tooling and diagnostic equipment to repair and maintain your motor to its fullest potential. Our team of certified technicians attend ongoing intensive training and updated certifications to be fully abreast of the latest advances in outboard technology.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Hands-down, the number one factor for longevity of your outboard is timely oil changes. Take advantage of our same-day oil change and gear oil change services. While in for these basic services, your dedicated technician will inspect your motor for any potential issues, so we can address them early.
  • Mechanical Repairs: Outboard motors get run hard, often at high RPM’s for extended periods. From time to time repairs may be necessary, and you can rest assured that we repair your motor with genuine OEM parts, and return it to the factory specifications that deliver maximum performance.
  • Electrical Repairs: Our team has unparalleled expertise in diagnosing and repairing electrical issues. Faulty wiring is a major factor leading to devastating boat fires. Don’t let frayed wires or corroded connections jeopardize your safety and enjoyment.
  • Parts Replacement: We only use genuine OEM parts supplied by the manufacturer in all of our repairs, so you’re assured of lasting integrity of your boat repair.

Trusted Authorized Repair Center For Mercury, Yamaha, and Suzuki Outboards

Trust is paramount in choosing which boat repair shop maintains your outboard motor. Lakeside Marine’s team of certified technicians are top-tier marine professionals that strive to deliver excellence to get your repairs done right the first time, and every time. Learn why we are voted the Best Boat Repair Shop on Lake Lanier and join our following of loyal and fully-satisfied customers. Book your outboard repair or maintenance today, and rest assured that you’ll receive the premium service that you desire.

THE Outboard Motor Repair Experts on Lake Lanier & North Georgia

Search no further – Lakeside Marine and Motorsports are THE outboard experts.

No other shop is more aggressively pursuing ongoing training and mastering the art of preventative maintenance.

Lakeside Marine is the perfect choice for protecting your investment.

We are the number one choice on Lake Lanier for outboard maintenance and marine engine repair services as well as in-depth repairs.

As an authorized Mercury and Yamaha dealer and Suzuki specialist, we have you covered from basic service to warranty repairs and repower.

Our Outboard Repair Services

  • Engine Oil & Filter Change
  • Impeller Replacement
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Fuel Filters & Water Separators Change
  • Lower Unit Gear Oil Change
  • Warranty And Service Bulleting Checked & Reviewed
  • Propeller Shaft Grease & Seals Inspected
  • Multi-Point Inspection Including
  • Grease fittings
  • Steering & Trim Seals Inspected
  • Transom Hardware Inspected and All General Soundness.

Our service technicians are fully certified

Lakeside Marine’s service department utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and software to make precise repairs and our service technicians are factory-trained and certified so each engine is entrusted to a dedicated expert.

Attention to detail is what sets us apart. We offer personalized customer service, timely proposals, and quality craftsmanship.

No other dealership is more dedicated to making your trip quick, cost-effective, and painless.

Come see why we are the last service center you ever need.

Outboard Service

Same Day Oil Change Boat Service, or Same Day Boat Oil Change, Plus Lower End/ Drive Service

Schedule your Same Day Boat Service at Lakeside Marine, drop off your boat in the morning, and pick it up in the afternoon. Mobile boat service is also available upon request. It’s easy, fast, and done right every time by our certified technicians. Oil change and lower end motor service, or drive service for I/O motors are the two most important boat maintenanceitems to be performed. Doing these scheduled maintenance items regularly ensureslong life of your engine. We make getting these services performed convenient for you. As always, take care of your boat, and it will take care of you. Schedule your Lakeside Marine Same Day Boat Service online today!

Ultimate 100-Hour Motor Service Promo

Take care of your high-performance outboard motor, and it will take care of you. Every 100 hours of operation, perform this complete professional motor service, and cruise on the water with peace of mind knowing that everything is professionally maintained to its peak performance.

• change oil and filter
• change lower-end gear oil
• replace water pump impeller
• inspect propeller and grease shaft
• inspect anodes
• replace fuel filter and inspect all fuel lines
• clean air filter
• replace spark plugs and inspect wires
• grease all fittings and linkages
• top-off all hydraulic reservoirs
• inspect steering, tilt, and trim
• flush and inspect cooling system for full flow
• inspect electrical wiring and connections

Let our Mercury, Yamaha, and Suzuki Certified Technicians service your motor to professional standards. Lakeside Marine exceeds your expectations every time.

PRO-BOATER Scheduled Maintenance Program

Our 47-point inspection and maintenance program encompasses the entire working system of your boat. Be certain that the best maintenance is preventative maintenance. This is because mechanical issues can often be discovered early while they are small and avert unnecessary and costly mechanical failures during your precious boating season.

PRO-BOATER Gold Program– Once a year 47-point service performed in the Fall. Perfect for moderate-use boaters.

PRO-BOATER Platinum Program– Twice a year 47-point service performed in the Fall and Mid-Season. Perfect for commercial operations and frequent-use boaters.

Why subscribe to our PRO-BOATER scheduled maintenance program? It’s simple… Peace of mind. Enjoy boating with your friends and family to its fullest, and rest assured knowing that all of your boat systems are inspected and professionally maintained. Protect your investment, enjoy outstanding performance, and look great doing it.

PRO-BOATER Scheduled Maintenance Programs include: Oil and filter change, fuel filter change, air filter cleaning, hydraulic fluids topped off, inspection of hydraulic rams and seals on steering, tilt, and trim, lower unit fluid change or drive service, propeller inspection, inspection of all fuel lines and hoses, inspection of plugs and bilge, greasing of all fittings, inspection of all seals, inspection of motor mounts, inspection and cleaning of battery terminals and grounding cable, inspection of fuel tank and connections, inspection of belts and pulleys, inspection of ignition system, inspection of spark plugs and wires, inspection of instruments, gauges and electronics, inspection of shift and throttle linkage, inspection of hull, bottom, and stern, and inspection of windshield and canopy mounts.

Call Lakeside Marine service department and get signed up for our PRO-BOATER program and we’ll take care of every detail year after year. Call 678-322-7877

Transport service available. If you’re short on time, or simply don’t enjoy trailering your boat, call us for our pick up and drop off service. It’s surprisingly affordable and offers amazing convenience.

Outboard Service

Maintenance and repair financing available:

SUPERB MOTOR REPAIR Trusted by Boaters

Professional Boat Repair Shop on Lake Lanier

“I’ve owned a boat near Lake Lanier for over 20 years. For the first time ever, I took my boat to Lakeside Marine for boat repair, because a friend told me what a great boat service shop it is. From the moment I stepped out of my truck and was greeted by staff, I had a fantastic experience. First of all, they were knowledgeable, and this helped me to trust my expensive boat with them. Then when I described my mechanical issues, they listened closely. My boat never idled perfectly, there was always a hesitation when I gave it throttle, and it never went into gear smoothly. My previous repair shop never solved these problems, and my previous shop had an attitude like they were doing me a favor by maintaining my boat. Well, guess what? Lakeside Marine will forever be my boat maintenance and repair shop. Two days
later, I picked up my boat, and for the first time ever it performed flawlessly. And they repaired it at a fair price. What a pleasure to do business with an honest shop that treats their customers great, and are true experts at boat repair. Thank you Lakeside Marine!”

-Jeff Biggs


Mercury Outboards

We are an authorized Mercury Marine full line engine dealer and repair, restoration, and re-power center. We do everything from simple engine swap outs to the most complex change overs, re-fits, engine repair and maintenance.

Yamaha Outboards

Our Yamaha certified and trained staff will keep your engine running at its maximum potential season after season. Leave it to us. We will expertly diagnose and troubleshoot your problems and advise of solutions.

Suzuki Outboards

Lakeside Marine offers a full range of services specializing in Suzuki 4-Stroke marine engines. Trust us to know all there is to know about servicing and maintaining your engine.


Boating is not often thought of as a harsh environment: however marine engines need to be designed and built for one tough job. Marine engines can often be used for extended periods at wide open throttle operation (up to 6000rpm on some models) in harsh waters and sun, then sit in storage over winter for up to 6 or 7 months without any use. That’s why it’s important to have your engine inspected and serviced at least once a year – even if you haven’t reached 100hrs. Sometimes, even infrequent use may also lead to starting or reliability problems that you don’t need right in the middle of your valuable recreational boating time. Regular check-ups enable your authorized dealer to attend to any tune-up, service or warranty issues to ensure you get maximum pleasure and carefree running out of your engine. Reliable engines is our number 1 goal, but like anything mechanical, regular maintenance is the best way to keep it functioning at it’s best. Even if your engine isn’t put to the test every day, it’s important that the basics are checked and serviced regularly throughout the life of the engine. Changing the oil, lubricants, fuel filters, spark plugs, and anodes is all part of keeping you safe and reliable on the water
We work on any Outboard motors that are less than ten years old.
20 Hour Service (At 20 Hours or 3 Months) Replace engine oil, oil filter, and gear oil. Clean/replace spark plugs. Replace boat-mounted fuel filter. Inspect/grease propeller. Visual inspection. 100 Hour Service (Every 100 Hours or 1 Year) Replace engine oil, oil filter, gear oil, spark plugs, and fuel filter. Replace boat-mounted fuel filter. Inspect/grease propeller. Inspect/replace anodes and thermostats. Grease points. Visual inspection. 300 Hour Service (Every 300 Hours or 3 Years) Replace engine oil, oil filter, gear oil, spark plugs, and fuel filter. Replace boat-mounted fuel filter. Inspect/grease propeller. Inspect/replace anodes and thermostats. Inspect/ replace fuel pump. Replace impeller/water pump housing. Grease points. Visual inspection. 500 Hour Service (Every 500 Hours or 5 Years) Replace engine oil, oil filter, gear oil, spark plugs, and fuel filter. Replace boat-mounted fuel filter. Inspect/grease propeller. Inspect/replace anodes and thermostats. Inspect/replace fuel pump and impeller/water pump housing. Inspect/adjust valve clearance. Replace oil control valve filter and VST filter. Replace internal anodes. Grease points. Visual inspection. 1000 Hour Service (Every 1,000 Hours) Replace engine oil, oil filter, gear oil, spark plugs, and fuel filter. Replace boat-mounted fuel filter. Inspect/grease propeller. Inspect/replace anodes and thermostats. Inspect/replace fuel pump and impeller/water pump housing. Inspect/adjust valve clearance. Replace oil control valve filter and VST filter. Replace internal anodes. Replace timing belt, exhaust guide, and manifold. Grease points. Visual inspection.