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“I’ve owned a bass boat for 15 years. I’ve always stored it indoors, so it’s in great condition. Over time, however, my throttle and shift cable degraded, and the steering wasn’t as smooth as it used to be. Furthermore, my old 2-stroke outboard was due for an upgrade to a new 4-stroke model. Frankly, I was tired of the stink. Last fall, I went to Lakeside Marine and ordered a new outboard motor through their re-power program. Lakeside Marine gave me a great price for my new outboard motor, plus they found a buyer for my old 2-stroke motor. When they re-fitted the new outboard motor, they did a great job installing a new throttle assembly and cables. Then they replaced my steering cable and adjusted everything perfectly. Now my bass boat is ready for the next 20 years and it drives like it’s brand new. I highly recommend Lakeside Marine for new outboard motor sales. The service and pricing is unbeatable. Thank you so much.”

-Steve West

Why Buy an Outboard Motor From Lakeside Marine?

Consider purchasing a new Yamaha, Mercury, or Suzuki outboard motor from Lakeside Marine. Re-power and upgrade your outboard motors using the most reliable boat shop on Lake Lanier.

Lakeside Marine is known for excellent installations that provide the best motor performance. After all, we’ve been named the Best Boat Repair Shop on Lake Lanier for multiple years.

The advantages of teaming up with Lakeside Marine are numerous. As always, Lakeside Marine is committed to serving our customers. This means aggressive pricing saves you money. This means the best certified boat mechanics get your installation correct, and at the same time you can establish a trusted relationship for future maintenance. This means Lakeside Marine goes to bat for the customer to resolve any potential warrantee or service issues.

In short, every reason supports buying your new outboard motors through Lakeside Marine. We have earned the reputation as the most trusted boat shop on Lake Lanier. We’ve won multiple awards naming us the best boat repair shop, and our renowned customer service exceeds customer expectations at every step of the way.

Call Lakeside Marine today at (678) 322-7877 or Email customerservice@lakesidemarine.com or visit our award-winning website at lakesidemarine.com to learn more about an outboard motor purchase.

List of Advantages of Outboard Motors
· Lower up-front cost
· Lower labor cost to maintain
· Easy access for maintenance
· Does not require shop winterization
· Simplicity- less complexity than inboards
· Less weight
· Quiet
· Higher power to weight ratio
· Steers great at low speeds
· Quick handling
· Tight turn ratio
· Steers well in reverse
· Steers well at idle
· Easy to dock
· Planes faster
· Faster cruising speeds
· Higher top-end speeds
· Power at stern is optimal
· Fuel efficient
· Can trim for maximum efficiency
· Can operate in shallow water
· Multiple motors add security
· Allows more interior space
· Less chance of engine fire
· Easy to re-power if motor is damaged or worn out