Mercury Outboard

Serious boaters know the top name in outboard motor performance is Mercury. Mercury outboard motors are designed for superior performance in harsh, demanding marine conditions. 

 Whether you’re a recreational boater, a fast-boat enthusiast, a speed-oriented tournament fisherman, or a commercial operator, Mercury has engineered an outboard motor to specifically meet your needs.

Famous for their legendary power, reliability, and longevity, Mercury Outboard Motors are the natural choice for powering your boat.

Lakeside Marine:

Authorized Mercury Outboard Dealer and Certified Service Center

When you choose to purchase your custom Mercury Outboard Motor with us, you are choosing a strong support partner for a lifetime of dependable service and maintenance.

Our factory certified Mercury technicians know every aspect of the Mercury Outboard Motor lineup. They are experts at installation whether it’s a single outboard, or multiple units working together for unparalleled reliability and high-performance boating.

We are at the cutting-edge for proper installation of the latest technology controlling the steering and shifting systems. Our state-of-the-art outboard maintenance shop is equipped with the finest diagnostic systems and specialty tooling to attain the highest level of Mercury Outboard performance.

Learn about how Mercury Outboard engineers have developed a model lineup of four-stroke motors specifically to meet the technical demands of each type of boater.

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These are the big boys in Mercury’s flagship series ranging from 250 HP to 600 HP. Renowned for unbelievable performance to weight ratios, these motors can stand alone or can be configured in multiples of 2-6 motors for unmatched power, acceleration, efficiency, and top speed.


This is the commercial-duty series from Mercury built extra-tough to handle the demanding nature of a boat that works as hard as you do. Built to be durable, corrosion resistant, easy to maintain, weight efficient, and incredibly powerful. Sea-Pro is the choice for commercial reliability, and come in a wide-range of horsepower from 15 HP to 500 HP.

Pro XS

This is the series that’s built for speed, specifically for tournament fishermen and speed-seeking powerboaters. Cutting-edge technology of Adaptive Speed Control enables the engine to maintain consistent RPM’s regardless of change in load or conditions. Furthermore, it delivers extra alternator punch to drive marine electronics at both low and high speed. The TorqueMaster Gearcase features a 1.25 inch prop shaft designed to excel at semi-surfacing high-speed applications. If speed is what you need, the Pro XS is the choice. The horsepower range in the Pro XS series is from 115 HP to 300 HP.


These are the legendary recreational workhorses of the Mercury lineup. The most popular-selling outboard, the FourStroke series is renowned for reliability, power, and efficiency. Smooth and quiet both at speed and while idling. Available in a wide horsepower range from 2.5 HP up to 300 HP.

Jet Outboard

Cruise over shallow water with confidence and ease with the Jet Outboard motor by Mercury. Designed to operate in locations inaccessible to standard propeller-driven motors, Mercury Jet Outboards are fast, smooth, and efficient. This shallow-water champion is available from 25 Hp to 80 HP.


These motors are designed for hours of enjoyable low speed trolling. Quiet, smooth, and efficient, the precision controls enable exact speed for your trolling success. Available from 9.9 HP to 25 HP.

Diesel Outboard

Designed for light-duty commercial patrol boat applications. Available in 3.0 Liter Motor.

Propane Outboard

Available in 5 HP, this is a great option for clean storage. With propane, fuel spoilage will not be a problem, and therefore reliable when you need it. Clean burning, fuel-efficient, and a pleasure to operate. There are models that cater to aluminum boats and Jon boats, and other models specific to sailboats.