Boat Oil Change / Gear Oil Change
Changing the oil in your boat’s outboard motor or inboard engine is the single most important maintenance task to ensure its’ longevity. The general rule is to change your boat’s engine oil after every 100 hours of use. For many, this is once a season. For frequent boaters, this may be an additional oil change mid-season, or more. The most important time to change your engine oil is in the fall, prior to placing your boat into winter storage. Research confirms that a boat engine stored with clean oil literally lasts 50% longer. Don’t wait until Springtime to change your boat’s oil. It’s far superior to complete this required maintenance in the Fall. The same is true for the lower-unit gear oil in an outboard motor, or the outdrive gear oil in a stern drive boat. Store your boat with clean lubricants in the fall, and by removing existing contaminants, you’ll keep your engine and gears running smoothly to maximize longevity, and ensure a seamless Springtime launch.


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Prevent costly repairs by completing the most basic engine maintenance on time. Change your oil at least once a season. Other options include fuel filter, water separator, hydraulic inspection, and engine tune-up. Bring it by in the morning, and take it home in the afternoon. Get your boat back on the water same day. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.
marine oil poured into a boat