Connect-A-Port XL5 Black Jet Ski Port


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Keep your water fun on an "even keel"  with Connect-A-Port XL5!  

The Connect-A-Port XL5 is the PWC docking for you, universal hull support makes docking personal watercraft easier with the added length over the  original Connect-A-Port and Stoltz rollers & a bow stop. Idle up to dock...roll off to launch. 

PWC Docking adds a safe harbor for your one-, two- or three-place personal watercraft. Connect to the 2000 Series docks, floating docks or fixed dock.


59" x 156" x 23"

- Ultra Tough Polyethylene Construction - Multiple Rollers 

- Cable and Clip for Securing PWC 

- Extra wide Anti-Skid Walk Area for Easy Access to Jet Ski 

- Universal Hull Support 

- Front or Side Mounting 


- Mooring to Connect-A-Port 2000 Series (front or side) 

- Connecting Hardware to link multiple units (side by side) 

- Bow Stop Winch 

- Five Color Choices 

*Port Includes Bow Stop*

*Disclaimer: Jet Ski ports are not compatible with jet-skis that have a  recycled hull. (i.e. some yamaha jet-ski)

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