boat autumn 

Fall Proactive Boat
Maintenance Program

  • oil/ filter change
  • drive service fluid change
  • top-off engine fluids
  • top-off hydraulic fluids
  • inspect steering, tilt, and trim hydraulics
  • grease all fittings
  • air filter maintenance
  • fuel filter replacement
  • belt inspection
  • battery strength and charging inspection
  • wiring and connection inspection
  • 18 point bow to stern inspection
  • transport service available

A Full List of Fall Boat
Services to Consider:

  • oil change
  • drive service/ lower end service
  • bellows and gimbal inspection
  • power tilt maintenance
  • trim tab maintenance
  • steering system checks and inspection
  • throttle/ shift maintenance
  • top-off engine fluids
  • top-off hydraulic fluids
  • air filter maintenance
  • fuel filter replacement
  • belt inspection/ replacement
  • ignition tune up
  • new spark plugs and wires
  • check battery strength and charging
  • inspect wiring and connections
  • fire extinguisher and CO2 system checks
  • bottom painting
  • detailing with wash, wax, and interior cleaning

Back to School
Boat Schedule

At the end of the summer it’s time to take note of all the things on your boat that aren’t working 100% correctly. Fall is a time of year to look ahead and get maintenance done now while issues are fresh in mind.

Create a punch list of items that need to be addressed, or a wish list of upgrades you’ve wanted to get accomplished. Come spring, you’ll be glad you acted now.

Fall is also a time to look ahead and pre-reserve your boat winterization service and schedule your boat for storage. By planning ahead, you’ll get vital services performed on time before a sudden change in autumn weather catches you off guard.

  • Oil change,
  • Out drive or lower end fluid change
  • Impeller service
  • Tune-up
  • Power trim service
  • Fuel line inspection
  • Stereo or electronics upgrades
  • Throttle and Steering inspection
  • Fiberglass Repair
  • air filter maintenance
  • Custom LED lighting installation

Fall is the start of the boat maintenance season. The steps you take in addressing repairs, performing preventative maintenance, and handling the routine maintenance NOW set the tone for your next boating season. You’ll want to prepare your boat for the upcoming season, and at the same time, address all of your boat’s operational and performance issues while they are still fresh in your mind.

“Out of sight, out of mind” should not apply to maintaining your boat. Don’t suddenly let your memory be jogged with repair issues in the springtime when you should be ready to go out and enjoy boating. Meanwhile, the marina shop is jam-packed with service customers. The wise boat owner plans ahead and does maintenance in the fall and winter seasons when shop technicians can give your precious craft their fullest attention.

Fall boat service is often performed in conjunction with boat winterization. By addressing all of your boat maintenance and repair issues in the fall, you are preparing your boat for a seamless launch in the spring.




Schedule pickup or drop-off times

With 40 to 50 boats coming and going weekly the schedule books up quickly. Be sure to schedule your appointment ahead of time and skip the wait.

We take the hassle out of getting the boat to the dealership. With hassle free options like home dock pick up and delivery, storage unit pick up and return, your house to our dealership and back, marina to dealership, and other choices. We take the work out of trailering the boat. We can even facilitate other services by picking up and dropping at your favorite detailer, gel coat repair facility, or service center if we are not already your current service provider. Our professional delivery services are guaranteed.


Schedule pickup or drop-off times
We do this automatically for customers who store their boats with us. We ask that our self-storage customers please schedule an appointment.


Schedule routine maintenance and upgrades
Fall is the best time of the year to do routine maintenance on your boat or get a few upgrades. Some of our most popular upgrades include adding onboard heating systems, underwater lights, speakers, and cruise control.


Arrange for winter storage
Indoor winter storage is available at Lakeside Marine and Motorsports. Inquire and book your appointment.


Schedule dock and lift removal
Make sure to plan ahead and beat the fall rush by scheduling your dock and lift removal service as soon as possible.

Here’s what our
fall service includes:

Inspection and software updates

Our fall service is more than just a standard winterization. Upon arrival, our 5-star certified technicians do a thorough 40-point inspection on your boat to get a baseline for its current condition. From there, we install all recommended software updates and service bulletins from the manufacturer. Our goal is to keep your boat in top running condition at all times.

Freeze protection

Next, we apply an anti-corrosive, marine-grade antifreeze, stabilize your fuel, and winterize any ballast systems. The key here is freeze protection.


We take care of any upgrades that you’d like to have ready for next season. Common upgrades include adding underwater lighting, heating, sound systems, and cruise control. When scheduling your fall service appointment, be sure to make note of any upgrades you’d like to do this off-season, so you won’t have to miss any days on the water during boating season.

Wash and vacuum

Next up, we give your boat a thorough wash and vacuum to make sure stains, debris, and mildew are gone for the winter.


Lastly, we place your boat in our secure indoor storage facility or return your boat back to you for self-storage.

In summary, our priorities revolve around protecting your boat from freezing temperatures and harsh outdoor elements during the off-season. By taking these preventative measures, you will get back on the water the following spring in no time.