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Georgia weather is notoriously unpredictable and a boat not winterized when freezing weather sweeps through can be extremely costly. To winterize is to prepare the boat not only from freeze damage but successful off-season storage for a seamless start in the spring.
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Lakeside Marine and Motorsports Winterization Guarantee

Our winterization should be considered a full, true, or complete winterization. We do not offer any winterizations that offer more or less protection than another. At Lakeside Marine and Motorsports we want everyone to be 100% comfortable with the work performed and rest assured they made the right choice. For starters, our winterizations do not require a technician returning back to your boat to summarize it for you (incurring additional costs). We leave the boat ready to go back into the water unless the customer requests us to disconnect the battery lead(s). We have seen many instances where a lesser service was provided, resulting in a cooling passage with blockage – creating internal cracking, intake manifolds not being properly drained; “quick drains” getting missed in hard-to-reach locations (i.e. cool fuel locations, impeller housings, etc.) – causing unnecessary and costly repairs – and worse, more down time!